Santa Claus, Inc.

Santa Claus, Inc. is a charity which serves over 100,000 children in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and over 90% of donations go directly to the children. I have been volunteering for Santa Claus, Incorporated for over 15 years. I have been volunteering my graphic design skills, as well as helping with marketing strategy.

Friends of Santa Claus, Inc. logo design

I have created the latest logo for Friends of Santa Claus, Inc. Annually, I have had the opportunity to create all signage, and marketing collateral for Santa Claus, Inc, as well as Billboards throughout San Bernardino County. I love the ability to create a theme, which runs throughout the year, and the Grand Luncheon and Evening Ball in winter.

Above are samples of the ads and marketing collateral that I have designed over the past five years (although I have been volunteering for over 15 years).

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