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ShaanMoJo.com is a site which amalgamates the theory and application of design, photography, marketing and communication techniques and stratagem. The idea behind “from the abstract, to the objective” includes the search for meaning behind theoretic concepts and attempts to reveal the raison d’être within the realms of applied and commercial art, social and communication theories and behaviors in an introspective nature. The site also delves into technical aspects of art and photography, as well as opinions, reviews and discussions on current events.

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About the Director

Beneath the clothes, we find a man. Beneath a man, we find his… …nucleaus., - Nacho Libre

Shaan has a background in graphic design, photography, marketing and communications; with Masters Degrees in the fields of Communications and Marketing; with emphasis on Social Change and Leadership, as well as degrees in Graphic and Technical Design. Shaan draws inspiration from a wide variety of professionals. In the fine art, graphic design and photography, he draws inspiration from artists such as; Wucius Wong, Imran Mir, and photographers such as Ansel Adams, Peter Sanders, Steve McCurry, Jon Kawa, S.M. Bukhari, and Tony Northrup. Shaan also draws inspiration from communication scholars and activists, such as; Maulana Karenga, Noam Chomsky and Yoshitaka Miike – the former and the latter are prominent scholars who promote Pan-Afrocentricism and Pan-Asiacentricism respectively.

Shaan is passionate about photography and enjoys kayaking, hiking and drinking coffee. Patron of the arts, he practices many forms of art, from drawing (pen, charcoal and pencil), painting, graphic design, photography, and car karaoke. He lives with his better half; Subia (author and owner of Alif Yoga, which implements yoga enrichment programs in schools and organizations throughout Southern California, and Director of Voicebowl magazine) and their two creative children (the aspiring administrators of Lion on a Rock, YouTube channel) in Southern California.

Born in Eastern Canada to Pakistani parents, Shaan expressed himself at a young age through the medium of art. He became a graphic designer turned Creative Director of a Los Angeles based ad agency, whose major clients included La Victoria Salsa, Ford Motors and SixFlags Corporation. Shaan now finds himself utilizing his culture, environment and experiences as a pallet of introspection and communication, geared towards understanding art, human nature and striving for social change through dialectical civil discourse.

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