Before the turn of the century, fine artists had been the subject matter experts and brand ambassadors of the arts, and had the power to set the discourse which defined what art was. If you were not a sculptor, painter, or even performer – you were not really considered to be part of the arts. Photography had been on the rise for quite some time, and photographers were crying out to be accepted as artists, and not simply regarded as documentarians whose sole purpose was only to record what existed. Photography then took a new form, which was called “photographic pictorialism”, or for our purposes; pictorial photography

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CHIAROSCURO – A Key Light Photography Tutorial

Italian chiaroscuro woodcut paintings were arguably the most technically innovative of the Renaissance color paintings. Carved wood was used to print the image onto dark canvasses; creating a high-contract image with one main light source. As a modern-day form of chiaroscuro, key-light (or low key) photography also presents itself with one main light source, and high contract on the histogram; very high highlights, and very high shadows.

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